My girl

So, my little girl of 5 broke her 1st bone on Friday  The tip of the middle finger on her right hand is in 3 pieces! It makes me cringe just thinking about it.

My daughter, the shy and reserved one who wouldn’t say boo to a goose. The child who clams up around people she doesn’t know. She cries at the mere thought of doing anything out of her comfort zone and crumbles when “put on the spot” with all eyes on her.

But she also has this secret strength that people rarely see. But I’m beginning to see it more and more and I love it! She is head strong and determined, independent and logical. Her confidence is growing. This time last year I would’ve had to have donned a lead apron so that she could sit on my lap for the X-ray. Had anyone tried to speak to her or, worse still, touch her she would’ve cried. It would’ve been an ordeal! Ok, so she didn’t really speak to anyone but she nodded and shook her head in the appropriate places and complied completely with what they were asking of her. As I stood behind the screen and watched her have her X-rays, at first there was this moment of “oh shit, she’s not going to like this” but that familiar feeling of dread quickly changed to relief, surprise and then this wave of absolute pride came over me.

She is this petite little thing, with a mixture of myself and her dads personalities. The shyness comes from me, the confidence from my husband. It’s funny because each part is so different to the other! I used to be able to predict her every reaction, dreading the drama, trying desperately to prevent it. But, now, she surprises even me. It’s great!

I guess my baby is growing up!