I thank my lucky stars


So, my daughter is in bed and my son is currently throwing a plastic egg in the air and catching it. 5 minutes and he’ll also be in bed. Quiet.

Sometimes I think how different our lives were before children and I feel guilty that some days I’m just waiting for them to go to bed so I get some peace! You see, 7 years ago, I was starting to think I would never carry a child, much less 2 with only 22 months between them!

So there I was, legs akimbo, heart pounding. This was our 4th pregnancy (number 5 for me). So far we’d lost 3 at around 6 weeks. Now, here we were, 8 weeks along and having an early scan…

It was there, a little blob.

The wow moment lasted a millisecond.

We were told that It wasn’t as big as It should be and that…

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