1:30am on 18/11/2010 I woke up suddenly.

What’s happened? Is that wee?!

I rushed to the toilet, I watched as it was coming out.

It must be wee. I remember feeling “down there” and thinking to myself that it has to be wee. But, at the same time, knowing that it wasn’t. I kept staring at it, willing it to be wee or even a figment of my imagination maybe!

Acceptance came suddenly, shit this is actually happening now!

I call to my husband to wake up, my waters have gone. I tell him my maternity notes are in the car. Dazed and half asleep down he goes. Next thing I hear the buzzer, he doesn’t have his key! So, tissue against the offending hole, I waddle to the intercom and buzz him up then waddle back to the toilet.

I’m 34+6, it’s not time!

So much water! By the…

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