Exemplary Christian Lifestyle

A typical way of life of an individual or group of people who follow Christ. A style of living that reflects Christ-like attitudes and values.

When he found him, he brought him back to Antioch. Both of them stayed there with the church for a full year, teaching large crowds of people. It was at Antioch that the believers were first called Christians. ACTS 11:26

I used this verse specifically because of the last sentence and if you read through the preceding verses down to the end of chapter 11 you’d find out that the reason they were called Christian was because of the way Barnabas and his friends lived preaching Christ with the help of the Holy spirit and how they went about helping one another.

This means that the unbelievers must have been observing their attitude and dispositions all toward one another as well as their general life style all along.

In our world today, people want to see what we are preaching in us, they don’t just want to hear but also want to see because we are the epistle that they are reading.

Winning souls must be by exemplary lifestyle through the way we behave and relate with people be it in the office, business place, school, on the street or at home and even in our churches will determine how successful we will be.

People around us wants to see Jesus Christ in our attitude, our relationship with our fellow humans, they should be able to see Him in our speech and how we treat people, they should see Jesus in our dressing, the places we go to, the things we care about and even in the way and what we eat must reflect Jesus Christ.

38. You have heard the law that says the punishment must match the injury: ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.

39. But I say, do not resist an evil person! If someone slaps you on the right cheek, offer the other cheek also.

42. Give to those who ask, and don’t turn away from those who want to borrow.

43. You have heard the law that says, ‘Love your neighbor’ and hate your enemy.

44. But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!

Matthew 5:38-39,42-44

According to Papberry in her post: The Ripple Effects of A Kind Act said;

Sometimes it’s not about asking people do something, our very way of life, how we relate to people, how we treat people will speak better than thousands of words would ever do.

An Act of kindness speaks volumes that 1000’s words could ever express.

Jesus’s act of kindness spoke to Zacchaeus’ heart and convicted Him, Jesus did not preach condemnation to this man, even though He knew what he had done, but He also knew his heart and at that moment, that heart sought to see Jesus.

Jesus showed Love and that love caused Zacchaeus to do the right thing.

We must be united in love as we share Christ with the world and cheer each other on, not worrying about who is getting credit.

Our names don’t matter. In the end, knees will only bow down to one name: Jesus.

Finally, the way we treat and relate with our fellow Christians and other people will go a long way in determining the success or failure of our Christian race.

If you were accused as a Christian and placed in front of a jury, would there be enough EVIDENCE to CONVICT you?

Take care and know that love and blessings are here for you.