Fish…Yes They Are Feeling Beings Too

One fish, two fish
Red fish, blue fish
We must show compassion
To all fish, all fish

I found an amazing write up about one guys experience with a goldfish. It started off as just a routine giving a little goldfish named Flash food everyday. Until he decided to pay attention.

Here are some quotes from the write up.

I was told that goldfish are the “dumbest animals”, but after watching a goldfish for over a year, I have come to believe that every animal has emotions. The challenge is that we’re not usually observant enough to recognize them.

The day I developed compassion for a fish is the day I learned a valuable lesson about all animals. It’s easy to see the emotions in cats and dogs as they are more comfortable being themselves around us. But it’s a lot harder to tell what’s going on in the minds of the other creatures in our life because we are just not aware of their experience of the world.

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