Giving blood, shit I can’t even get that right!


I’ve wanted to give blood for as long as I can remember. My Gran did for more than 50 years and I think that’s what inspired me to want to as well. So my 18th Birthday came and within days I was sat waiting to give blood. It felt good sat there, all of the people there were doing some good. I was going to do something good. Then over she came, a lovely lady who, in as cheery a voice as she could muster, asked me to follow her to a room.

“I don’t mean to be rude, but how much do you weigh?”

It hadn’t even occurred to me that there would be a weight requirement.

“6 stone 3, why?”

She informed me that they wouldn’t be taking my blood, 7 stone 12 is the absolute minimum. They prefer 8 stone and over.

Gutting! Not to mention embarrassing.

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