Ok, I give up – blood donation cancelled 😔


Ideally they like to have 3 days notice if you can, it gives them more of a chance to fill that appointment. So, I bit the bullet and called them to admit defeat. Realistically, the almost 4 pounds that I need to gain hasn’t graced me with its presence over the last few weeks, so 3 days is a bit unlikely. And when I say “a bit unlikely” I actually mean no way, no how, ain’t gonna happen! As in, my husband is more likely to pick his pants and socks up off of the bathroom floor within those 3 days – although that is almost as unlikely!

Ugh! I feel lousy. It’s like giving blood is the one thing I could do to make a difference. But I can’t. I can’t even do that one simple thing.

I’m useless!

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