My dear co-bloggers,

Wishes and greetings for a fruitful Friday!
Good morning. Land mark post today-1250th post- in Envius Thoughts in is TALE OF A BLOGGER Part 25 for your kind read and response. Thanks.
Following posts were made in the week just passed by
1. 07/06/2018 1249th First World Cup Cricket inaugurated June 7th.
2. 06/06/2018 1248th Global Running day June 6th..
3. 05/06/2018 1247th World Environment Day June 5th..
4. 04/06/2018 1246th Thank God, It’s Monday Day June 4th.

Since I will be away on 10th inst. here are the post scheduled for two days:.
5. 09/06/2018 1241st. Donald Duck Day June 9th
6. 10/06/2018 1242nd.Viewer’s View on Envius Thoughts Part 19..
Kindly continue your kind encouragement to the blog by regular visits.Thanks.
N V Subbaraman