Mental strength is an experience of risks


It was green with a hint of golden all across the surface. The waters spoke, “Don’t look away.” My eyes were still glued at the sight, its presence was deep, and it almost stared…my body trembled.

At that moment, I didn’t know if I had the strength or not, I was there only to find out if at all I could just make the JUMP.

But then, I did jump!

We sometimes doubt too much and it takes all of everyone’s effort to convince anyone of the opposite.

Taking risks, is it all that necessary?

For most of us, the “risk” is just a cover-up and all we want to do is not put in the hard work, to figure out stuff, to sit down and think for a second about what do we want?

It is on a spur of moment we take decisions…life-threatening, life changing, bewildering thoughts cross our minds, and then the outside factors come into play and all there left is only silence and patience before the big storm comes.

Although there is an idea behind the risk, an idea of feeling a thrill, an adventure but perhaps this feeling of self-importance surpasses all and we take risks to achieve our wants, the best ones, the desire to challenge ourselves again and again.

Some people are like that but what about you?

Take some time, think about the stuff that is bothering you and if you have any fear, take a deep-sea dive, jump from space (yeah, SPACE…of course only if the opportunity arises), do some thrilling stuff and life will feel great in front of death. And you will know what I mean.

Don’t scrape at that old job, you do not need. Figure out the next phase…HAVE FUN.

Life experience is what defines our character, even if it means getting your heart broken or being lied to. You know, you need the downs to appreciate the ups. Going on the adventure or taking that risk is important.

Nev Schulman

I will not go on to say big things like, “Just Do It” Or “Just take the risk.” It is repetitive and hardly makes sense. But we should learn to trust ourselves and go all the way and take the necessary risk, which is often misinterpreted as wild, careless, wasted, and all of that stuff people throw at you.

But trust, my friend, in your instincts and don’t be careless but care for what you are getting into next.

Risks are taken for a reason.

Trust is another thing that has helped me develop my mental strength. Maybe it is why books sell. You have to trust to get inspired, you have to trust in your imagination to give it life, or otherwise life just withers and wears out.

One hurdle after another, one more fight left to win, but the emotions are always somehow forgotten. The emotions that fill you when you fight, when you cross the hurdle or when you make the jump.

It is complicated, emotions are always flowing but if anything I have learnt from observing everything that I ever could, is that every morsel of grain, every crumb of bread, every thought process comes from somewhere, belongs to something, and it is part of a bigger singularity, a bigger universe in a sense.


A centre, a definite meaning to a ‘self’ which is often imagined and felt like confidence or courage, drives you to a point…a goal and that starts from a starting point and ends at an ending point…your goal.

At moments I sometimes trust my emotions and it feels like the Universe calls. That calling is a sign and I am filled with courage, a sense of power drowns me and I am lifted from the golden surface to face reality…

And the water fills my nostrils and I get this feeling of fear, excitement, joy, and I don’t remember what else goes on but I have made it and at the end, it is all that matters. The experience matters, finding the strength in life matters and life spells experience and experience spells strength.

Yes…take risks, experience the ups and downs and you’ll be fine.

Drama is so thrilling, and excuses never stop.

So, find what you want, get to the next phase and build up to the last and the universe will be waiting for you for what the drama is worth!

Go, get on with it then.

Meanwhile, so much is going on, I want to become so many things. Sometimes I am confused but from time to time, I remind myself that I have got this one…only life.
Better make this worth the time.

And if you don’t believe in my shared wisdom, then at the least believe in yours and do what is necessary.