Venue Review: Panther Creek Cabins #dontdoit #saveyourself

Hello everyone 🙂
I know that you are all busy, but I really wanted to ask that you would please read/share this particular post…if you have the time.
I really feel the need to spread the word about this place, because this woman made our wedding absolutely miserable! I feel that if I can keep just 1 person from enduring the heartache that we did, it will be all worthwhile.
Thank you!

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It’s wedding season again. With that, I will begin a series of service/product/vendor reviews that we utilized for our wedding. I’ve been considering this for awhile now, and I’ve decided to start with the worst and go up from there.

With this particular review, I sincerely ask only 2 things from you: 1) Please read this in its entirety and 2) Please, share this. If I can keep just 1 person from the misery that we endured here, it will be completely worthwhile!

You might be asking yourself: Why have you waited so long to do this review? Well, speaking the truth – The review is so negative and the woman is sooooo vindictive that I have been a bit fearful of the repercussions of a negative review. She still has our friends/families credit card info and I am worried about what she might do at this point. But then…

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