This is my latest post…

This is my latest post published on Though it is catered toward those with dissociative identity disorder, the principles that help one become a thriver instead of survivor are meant for all.

Do you call yourself a survivor or a thriver? What does it mean to survive and thrive? One dictionary defines the word “survive” as continuing to live or to simply exist1. Another dictionary defines “survive” as to live through a dangerous situation 2. For those of us with dissociative identity disorder, surviving comes naturally. Developing DID was our only means of survival as children. As adults, could there be more for us than just surviving DID? Are we just going to live with DID, endure and get by with its many complications? Is surviving all there is to life? Could we actually learn to thrive with DID, to prosper, flourish, and succeed? What is the difference in surviving and thriving with dissociative identity disorder? Click the link below to find the answers you need.

Surviving with Dissociative Identity Disorder

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