Figuring out my hair loss.

Before my doctor could even ask me why I was here to see her again, I whipped out a bag full of hair and placed it on her desk. Wide eyed, she looked at me confused while she opened it. She looked at me, shocked. I looked her dead in the eyes and confirmed that it was all the hair that had fallen off in the matter of a week and a half.


This is an accurate expression my doctor had at the time!

Her theory was, the restricted diet meant I wasn’t getting enough Iron, and therefore combined with the side effects of Sepsis, my hair was falling out like crazy. To confirm what my Iron levels were, she scheduled me in for a blood test. Taking advantage of the appointment, I also asked how long I was expected to be on a restricted diet for. She looked at me, and just responded with ‘technically, indefinitely…until you’re better’. Having no idea what to say to that, I thanked her as she booked me in for the test. As I left, I felt a slight wave of relief that SOMETHING was being done.

As I called my best friend to tell him about what had happened during the appointment, I also vented about how sick I was of seeing my GP. I then proceeded to joke saying it felt like I was in a sour relationship with my doctor. You know, we didn’t quite see eye to eye, or understand each other’s feelings. Our relationship had only just hit the two month mark, so there was hope yet. Got to try and make these things work, ladies and gents!

So, not long after, I got my blood tests done. The rest was just a waiting game, and watching my hair fall out. I felt like a tree shedding its leaves during winter, except I’m not a tree, and this was just a sad time for me *boo*. I got a phone call a day or two later, asking me to come in to the clinic to discuss my results. This meant, that something was wrong. Usually, if there is no issue with blood test results, you will not be called in for further discussions. I felt a bit stressy thinking about it, but tried to stay positive.

This was now me and my GP’s sixth ‘date’, and it was NOT going well. I still don’t understand what she meant by this, but she explained that I had low Iron levels. Apparently, I had sufficient amounts within my blood, but not a lot in the stores? I put the ? cause I still have NO IDEA what she was on about. My GP was not the best at explaining things *sighs*. I guess I should have known we were incompatible *sheds a tear*

I was prescribed some Iron tablets to take everyday to prevent me from becoming a fully blown Anemic, and to stop my hair loss.

DISCLAIMER: If you do NOT want to read about my poops, look away now *haha I really have no shame after being in hospital, sorry not sorry*. I’m just saying, my GP failed to mention that these tablets would:

  1. Cause my poop to be the colour of the devil’s soul *Pitch BLACK*
  2. Constipate me to the moon and back! I’m sorry but, I get bored sitting on the toilet, how do people stay in the bathroom for so long?!
  3. Also, that there’s all kind of rules to make sure the tablets get absorbed well by your stomach that you should stick to. WHYYYY?!

No Comment. *Haha*

After a few weeks of constipation, I did notice a reduction in the amount of hair fall. I looked in the mirror feeling slightly better, but the loss was still pretty visible.

Armed with the net, I decided I would try and combat my hair loss in other ways besides the tablets.


Stay tuned next to week to find out about how I decided to fight back hair loss!