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Serene Sunday greetings!
Good morning. Today’s Sunday Story (1307th post) in Envius Thoughts is “Jagan On Envius Thoughts Part IV/ UWA AWARD.” in for your kind read and comments. Thanks.
Following posts were made in the week just passed by
1. 04/08/2018 1306th METENEO Festival August 4th
2 .03/08/2018 1305th AAdi Perukku August 3rd. …
3. 02/08/2018 1304th World breast Feeding day August 1st…..
4. 01/08/2018 1303rd Universe on the Move Part 43…
5 31/07/2018 1302nd World Ranges day 31st July…
6. 30/07/2018 1301st International Day of Friendship 30th July..

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N V Subbaraman