Covenant is a strong agreement, promise or an oath entered between two or more people who are expected to abide by the terms and conditions of such agreement.

Sometimes blood shedding maybe required depending on the nature and parties involved in the covenant.

It can be made with persons of equal ranks or with higher authority. Covenant can be made with God and it can also be made with Satan.

Covenant is so binding in the spirit realm that it revolves around the life, both social and spiritual activities of the parties involved in the covenant.

Psalm 89:34 gives us an idea of how covenanted God is. Our God is a God that makes and keeps covenant.

In theological sphere there are five major parts to every covenant;

  • Preamble – Identifying the suzerain which is the lord and there’s a benefit which comes from the suzerain to the lesser.
  • The prologue – A description of the previous history of relationship of the parties coming into the covenant.

Most times when God wants to enter into a covenant with the Children of Israel, He first reminds them that He’s the God who brought them out of Egypt and also by telling them what He did for their fathers.

  • Stipulations – These are stipulated demands and rewards between both parties.
  • The ratification – In every covenant there’s a swearing of allegiance. There are benefits for keeping the treaty and there are curses or penalties for violating it.
  • Witnesses and instructions for implementing the covenant.

Covenant making forms an integral part of the lives of the people involved in it, be it with God or with Satan.

Blessed is the man who has made a covenant with God and kept it. But woe to any man who has made a covenant with the devil.

God hates covenant violators and so does the devil.

Some facts about covenant:

  • Covenant can last forever unless it is broken. 2chro 13:5
  • Covenant can influence the offspring even the unborn children. Gen 24:1-6
  • A child can suffer for a covenant that’s violated by his parents. 1kings 16:34
  • Devil never forgets a covenant. He enforces it upon current and future generation of those who entered into it.
  • Covenant violation is a punishable offence by God or by Satan. There are dangers in violating covenant. Joshua 9:15-20

But problems started after about a thousand and hundred years later when king Saul violated that same covenant that was made by Joshua with the Gibeonites in 2Sam 21:1-9

Whether a covenant is consciously or unconsciously made is irrelevant.

The following can also take place when a covenant is violated:

  • It puts one into slavery. Lam 5:7
  • It can hinder progress.
  • It brings inexplicable failure and defeat.
  • It can attract lack and poverty.
  • It can attract unending troubles.
  • It can lead to insanity or untimely death.

Some parents entered into a covenant with the devil unknown to their children and by becoming a christian, unconsciously they have violated the covenant and until it is broken, such covenant remains active.

Whatever has be done that’s affecting or waiting to hinder you in future is broken and overruled in Jesus name.

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