My dear fellow bloggers,

Greetings for a sacred Sunday!
Good morning. Wishing a happy Sunday and a sacred month of Margazhi, here is this Sunday Story “KING OF POETS-BIRTH DAY! A REPORT” – 1443 rd post-in Envius Thoughts in for your kind read and response. Thanks.
Following posts were made in the week just passed by
:1.15/12/2018 1442nd Universe-A Chariot On the Move Part-28
2 .14/12/2018 1441st. December 14th=World Energy Day
3. 13/12/2018 1440th. POETS’ PET.
4. 12/12/2018 1439th. December 11th-International Mountains Day.
5 11/12/2018 1438th .King of Poets Birth Day-11th December
6. 10/12/2018 1437th December 10th-Human Rights Day..

Kindly continue your encouragement to the blog by regular visits.
N V Subbaraman