My dear co bloggers,

With salubrious Sunday greetings!
Good morning. Today’s Sunday Story(1491st post) is “POETS WITH /ON FLAMINGOS!” in Envius Thoughts in for your kind read and response. Thanks. I am sure you will enjoy being with Flamingos!

Following posts were made during the last week that has passed bye:
1. 02/02/2019 1490th February 2nd-World Wetlands Day..
2. 01/02/2019 1489th Candle Mass Day 2nd February.
3. 31/01/2019 1488th 31st January-Backwards Day..
4. 30/01/2019 1487th 30th January-Martyrs’ Day..
5. 29/01/2019 1486th New Child New World.
6. 28/01/2019 1485th Lala Lajpat Rai’s Birth Day 28th January…

Kindly continue to view and respond.
With regards
N V Subbaraman