My dear fellow bloggers,

Wishing you scintillating Sunday , I am glad to share with you that this week’s Sunday Story (1572nd post) is “DEMOCRATIC DEMAND COMPLIED!” in Envius Thoughts in Thanks. From 9.00 to 6.00pm today I will be away to participate in the Poets Meet and receive two awards one from ILakkiyach cholai at Kandasami College at Anna Nagar and the other Bharathi Award by: Bharathi Chennai Muththamiz Sangam in Triplicane.
Following posts were made during the last week that has passed by:
1. 20/04/2019 1571st HOLY SATURDAY is today.
2. 19/04/2019 1570th April 19th Good Friday..
3. 18/04/2019 1569th THREE D’s DAY IS TODAY..
4. 17/04/2019 1568th DIVINE WEDDING.
5. 16/04/2019 1567th. National Stress Awareness Day April 16th..
6. 15/04/2019 1566th Patriot Day. .

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