My dear fellow bloggers,

Dear all,
Good morning and a sweet Sunday! This week’s Sunday story(1600th post) in Envius Thoughts is “TODAY IT IS 1600th!” in for your kind read and response. Thanks.
Following posts were made during the last week that has passed by:
1. 18/05/2019 1599th Buddha Purnima Day May18th
2. 17/05/2019 1598th National Bike to Work day May 17th
3. 16/05/2019 1597th Love A Tree Day May 16th
4. 15/05/2019 1596th International Families Day May 15th.
5. 14/05/2019 1595th Dance Like A Chicken Day May 14th.
6. 13/05/2019 1594th Frog Jumping Day May 13th.

Kindly continue to view and respond.
With regards
N V Subbaraman