My dear fellow bloggers,

Good morning. Wishing a sweet Sunday, this week’s Sunday Story (1756th post) is “MISSION SUNDAY October 20th.” in Envius Thoughts in for your kind read and response Thanks.
Following posts were made during the last week that has passed by:
1. 19/10/2019  1755th  Environment-Clean and Clear Part III. 
2 18/10/2019 1754th  Environment-Clean and Clear? Part II.   
3. 17/10/2019  1753rd   Karaka Chaturthi October 17th.
4.  16/10/2019 1752nd World Food Day October 16th. 
5. 15/10/2019 1751st  Global Hand Washing Day -15th October.
6. 14/10/2019 1750th  World Standards Day October 14th..
Kindly continue to view and respond.With regards
N V Subbaraman