My dear co bloggers,

With Sunday greetings !.
Wishing a sweet Sunday, this week’s Sunday Story (1785th post) is  ” Suresh Mathew on Envius Thoughts”  in Envius Thoughts in for your kind read, response .. Thanks.
 Following posts were made during the last week that has passed by:
1. 16/11/2019  1784th Environmental Protection Essential 
2.15/11/2019 1783th  KG to ELEMENTARY.   
3. 14/11/2019  1782nd  Chacha Nehru Day November 14th.
4.  13/11/2019 1781st World Kindness Day November 13th. 
5. 12/11/2019 1780th  Young Readers Day November 12th..
6. 11/11/2019 1779th  Here is a Pledge 11th  November .
Kindly continue to view and respond.
With regards
N V Subbaraman