Dear all, With Sunday greetings!….

Dear all, With Sunday greetings!. Time permitting please read my Blog Envius Thoughts in Wishing a successful Sunday, “CVK Advocate on Envius Thoughts!” is this week’s Sunday story (1792nd post) in ENVIUS THOUGHTS in for your leisurely holiday read and response. Thanks. Following posts were made during the last week that has passed by: 1. 23/11/2019  1791st   Sathya Sai Avatar Day-23rd November                                    November 23rd-National Adoption Day 
2. 22/11/2019 1790th    Go for a ride Day- 22nd November 3. 21/11/2019  1789th   World Hello Day 21st November 4.  20/11/2019 1788th  Beautiful Day November 20th  5. 19/11/2019 1787th  Indira Gandhi Birth Day  November 19th                                    Have a  Bad Bad Day November 19th
6. 18/11/2019 1786th  OCCULT DAY November 18th..
Kindly continue to view and respond.
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