My apologies to my fellow…

My apologies to my fellow bloggers, and especially to Eric, for my post “Temporary Post Used For Theme Detection …”.
I am moving to a new computer and in setting up Open Live Writer the program made that automated post, and moments later deleted it. WordPress, of course, efficient and quick, sent out the notifications of a new post to all my followers. And thus, the post got into the Blogging Meetup distribution.

Not sure if many of my colleagues here are familiar with that app. It is probably the best HTML editor you can get (and it is free to boot). About a decade ago Microsoft decided to go into the social area and set up “Spaces” to allow anyone set up a blog site. It did not take to long before they decided that was not their cup of tea. “Spaces” morphed into what is today OneDrive. To help bloggers they had also created a very fine tool, Windows Live Writer. That tool was supported for a number of years and not all that long ago it was turned over to a small group of volunteers for continued development. That is now Open Live Writer.

Unfortunately WordPress has made huge strides and Live Writer can now longer prepare code with the latest features, however, it is still powerful. From my automated test post, it also shows that it still works.