My dear co bloggers,

With Sunday greetings!
Good morning. Wishing a sweet Sunday, this week’s Sunday story is “ON PRAYER” (1887th post) in Envius Thoughts is for your kind read and response. Thanks.
Following posts were made in the week just passed by::
1. 22/02/2020 1853rd day 1886th post February 22nd World Scout Day
2. 21//02/2020 1852nd day 1885th post Mirra Alfassa Birth Day 21st February IS46.
3. 20/02/2020 1851st day 1884th post 20th February Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Day IS 45
4 19/02/2020 1850th day 1883rd post Tamil Thaththa UVS Birth Day February 19th
5 18/02/2020 1849th day 1882nd post World Cancer day 4th February.
6. 17/02/2020 1848th day 1881st post 17th February J KRISHNAMURTHY MEMORIAL DAY IS 44.
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N V Subbaraman