What is hope really

For more than a year I’ve been in a quandary about understanding the true meaning of hope for the authentic follower of Jesus. I’ve read a book on hope, I’ve read scripture on hope, I’ve listened to messages on hope, I’ve read teachings on hope.

I’ve finally found an explanation of authentic hope I can embrace and claim as my own. I found it in a book by Lloyd Ogilvy, A Future and a Hope.

Some folks water down hope and use it in a purely worldly way– “I hope I pass my English test.” or “She’s lost all hope.” or “We hope the future will be bright.

But here’s the definition I found in Mr. Ogilvy’s book

Authentic hope is a gift from God through Jesus Christ that produces a confident, unshakable trust in His timely interventions in keeping with His gracious promises to us. Authentic hope is always a bi-product of a personal relationship with God. It comes from knowing God (not knowing about God). “Authentic hope is a confident expectation that God is going to do exactly what He says He is going to do.” Lloyd Ogilvy.

And that works for me ever time.