7 words that may relieve your stress

We don’t need to explain stress. It’s everywhere. At home, at work, at school, the grocery store, the airport, the soccer field. You can’t pick a stress-free place in our culture today.

And we don’t lack for remedies or stress relievers. They’re everywhere. In every shape and form–pills, potions, books, drinks, salves, you name it, there’s a stress reliever for it.

I ran across a 7-word phrase some psychologist claims is a sure-fire stress reliever and antidote for anxiety. He suggests that when you get really stressed out or really anxious hanging out there all alone at the end of your rope, utter the phrase, “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” This head doctor claims that if you think about the worst thing, it will cause you to think of stuff you’ve gone through that wasn’t so bad and you’ll start thinking more positive things and that exercise will help you alleviate your stress.

I don’t know about this guy’s remedy but I do know the perfect way of all ways to reduce or eliminate stress:

Repeat after me–“Jesus Jesus Jesus”

Just saying his name will call him to come along side you. And you will begin to feel Him calm your spirit right away. . .or

. . .just open your bible to any page and begin reading. God will lead you to a verse or several verses you can read and meditate on. And you’ll feel your stress begin to flow out of you. Guaranteed!