Hey everyone, check out this new poem one of our blog founders wrote!


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Happy New Year!

So sorry this didn’t come earlier, but Happy New Year to all co-bloggers at The Blogging Meetup! Best wishes to all of you! 🙂

-Ambiguity Staff



Check out this new poem on the life of a programmer!


More Analysis!

Check out some more 2016 Election Analysis here:



Politics: My Personal Journey

How this year’s election shaped me to be who I am today:

Hope you enjoy it 🙂



Performing Tips!

Hey guys!

Our newest author just released a new post on tips related to performing! It’s really interesting and you guys should all check it out! 😀



We’re Back!

Hey guys,

We’re back from a period of inactivity with a brand new post titling our blog’s vision for the future!


Check out our posts and please feel free to leave comments/critiques.

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2-Month Birthday Post!

Hey everyone, yesterday was our 2-month birthday and we’ve just made a post entitling our goals for the blog.

Basically, we’re thinking of expanding this to be a community blog, with the eventual goal of creating some sort of an interactive magazine/newspaper (still in the works). Check out our contact page or let us know! It is a challenge for us and we may not know how to proceed, but that’s the exact point of our blog; exposing the things that are covered in Ambiguity 🙂



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Something New!

Hey Everyone!

I’ve decided to try a new type of writing. I think you’ll enjoy it 🙂 This describes  both a soul-seeking journey and multiple philosophical revelations at the same time. Enjoy 😀


-Abhi from Ambiguity


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Check out some cool new art that one of our contributors made!



-Abhi from Ambiguity 🙂