Voting Rights!

Hey guys, in this analysis we’ll be checking out how voting rights operate in the USA and how restrictions such as Voter ID Laws can disproportionately affect minority communities.

Check it out!



-Abhi from Ambiguity 🙂

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Vote In Our Poll!

Hey guys, Ambiguity set up a 2016 Presidential poll, just for fun! Please vote (anyone too, regardless of age or nationality; this is an inclusive community 😛 )! This is not scientific at all, but we’re extremely interested in the results 😀


If you can’t see it on this site, check out our poll right here.

Thanks so much, and have a great day 😀


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NEW: Trump Campaign Meltdown?

Hey everyone, this new post on Ambiguity is all about the Trump Campaign’s recent meltdown and shakeup; the underlying cause behind it and the effects it had.

It took me a good amount of time to write, and I’m very happy with it. I’d be grateful if you all could check it out right here 😀

-Abhi from Ambiguity 🙂

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NEW Dark Writing Piece!

Hey everyone, it’s us from Ambiguity again!

Today, we’ve got a piece that deals with Death, symbolizing him almost as a “father”. Yep, it’s twisted, scary, but masterful. I highly recommend that you all check it out. 😀

Thanks so much for all the support and we hope you enjoy our content 😀

-Abhi from Ambiguity 🙂

(also woohoo my 5th post on this meetup site 😀 )


Hey guys, our author @yoilpi has just released the final part to our 5-part series, Mystery in Marseille.
It’s a great read, and we hope you enjoy it!

-Abhi from Ambiguity
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Three Things You Should Know…

Three Things You Should Know About Colonialism

Here’s 3 Things you should know about colonialism and imperialism. My conclusions are open to interpretation, and I’m interested to hear what you all have to think. As an enthusiast of history, politics, human rights, and of government, it was a great pleasure to read it. I hope you especially find the 3rd point quite interesting!

-Abhi from Ambiguity 🙂

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Hello everyone at The Blogging…

Hello everyone at The Blogging Meetup! Today, we have produced an article describing how your knowledge of how calculus works begins as a fifth grade subject! It’s highly insightful on mathematics, and is a great opinion piece.

Hope you enjoy it 🙂
-Abhi from Ambiguity

Hey guys! Here’s the latest…

Hey guys! Here’s the latest part of our Mystery in Marseille series. The series itself is a continuation from Poe’s “Murders in the Rue Morgue”, so expect twists, strangeness, and some wicked dialogue 🙂

Hope you enjoy, and have fun reading! 😀

-Abhi from Ambiguity