Happy Wednesday

Good morning BMU-ers! Just wanted to take a moment to remind you of the newer feature on this site, The RSS feed in the side panel near the bottom: “Blogging Meetup Recent Member Posts”. It’s a live feed from our members here that lists a link to their latest posts. Please take a moment to scroll down the side panel and browse through it to visit your community member’s sites. Like, Follow, Share, Comment!

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Toot Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

Today I want you to toot your own horns! Post a link to your favorite blog post from your site in the comments thread here – one where you felt you particularly insightful, or funny, or introspective… We can’t wait to have a read!

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Daily Discussions

Good morning, Blogging Meet-up! I have missed you and, seems I have quite a bit of catching up to do, eh? Thank you for your understanding as I essentially went off of the grid for a few. So, let’s get on with it, shall we?

It’s the 12th of January–already? So what resolutions have you already broken, or are you in full force on-track still? We want to hear about it. Comment below or link to your blog post where you’ve already written about it.

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Call for Events & Challenges

Are you hosting an event or challenge on your site and would be willing to let us help you drive traffic to it through #bloggingmeetup? Tell us about it and provide a direct link here! We want to feature and support our community members! Comment away…!

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Write On Target kicks off tomorrow and @ericmwalker and I couldn’t be more excited for this special addition the the Blogging Meetup site! Please be sure to check back tomorrow morning for what’s sure to be a great lesson and insight.  All to help us make our writing, and by way our blogs, a little better than they are today. 

See you in the threads tomorrow and have fun-connect-comment-share-like! 

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Silly questions

I am really not the best at self-exploration when it’s fun or funny.  I want to post a random Q&A about myself that help my followers get to know me better, but am having a time thinking of fun questions to answer. So I am reaching out to see what you might want to know about me.  Crazy, personal, stupid…whatever you got. Go!

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Good morning Blogging Meetup! This community has been so heartwarming, and as we collaborate and share we are growing together in this amazing forum you have created. We hope you are connecting and making new friends -I know that we are!

One VERY important guideline needs to be addressed, so please take a moment to read:

Full blog posts with images are not meant for this forum. The idea is that you share commentary and summaries and then link to posts from your own blog so that we may click and visit your site. I’m afraid any posts that include images and are a full-bodied ‘blog post’ – one that would be better suited posted in your individual blog – will be edited down, images removed, and/or removed completely.  We will try and replace content for those we edit down with a direct link to your site, where possible, to make sure we direct people to you so don’t be afraid of being dejected here- that is not the intention.
Lots of conversation occurs here and we certainly want to keep it coming! Those will NOT be edited down, please continue to chat amongst the forum. But images are taking up a lot of space and we certainly do not want to crash the site as we eventually reach capacity-so we do need to keep those to a minimum as a general rule of thumb please*.

*@ericmwalker and @amandaowen2015 reserve the right to determine those posts/images we edit down.

So, comment, share, and like with others. But link to your blog posts instead of writing them here in the chat. We want to visit your sites, that’s exactly why we’re here.

As always, if you have an idea, a challenge, a special event you’re hosting on your site, let us know and we can spread the word by featuring it here in the Events panel. This site is evolving and you are helping it everyday through your interactions with one another. And, if you haven’t browsed the Blogging Index lately, I encourage you to hop on over- we have a lot of new members to meet and greet. (The categories project is still under-way, I promise. But it IS an undertaking and I appreciate your continued patience).

Lots of love and happy Blogging,

Amanda and Eric

New post – random -…

New post – random – about surrounding yourself with things that make you happy. and it has to do with house and home. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments on my post:
All The Pretty Things

Yesterday Best

This prompt comes to us every Tuesday from @stevesaw.

How did your Monday go?  Anything great happen?  Did anyone pay it forward?  Maybe you paid it forward.  Whatever good may have happened, we want to hear and talk about it.

What was the best thing that happened to you yesterday?

Write 25-50 words ONLY here in the comment thread.  Part of the challenge is to stretch your writing by limiting your word count to describe your positive event.  Can’t wait to read your response!


Oldie but goodie

Reblog tonight. 

Finding Wholeness In the Shadows