Writing Challenge: How Many Times Can You Rewrite the Same Boring Story?

Hello Everybody!

(Long time, no see, sorry.) 🙂

I’ve just shared a writing challenge with some blogging friends elsewhere and I thought some of you might be interested to take it up too.

The idea came to me because where I am we’re in lockdown again and because of that I restarted my Lockdown Diaries. But I quickly realised that there is nothing much happening and that reminded me of an old favourite book:

Exercises in Style by Raymond Queneau

In this book Queneau re-wrote the same bland incident in ninety-nine different styles – can you match it?

The challenge is simple: Every day I publish a diary entry (between 4 and 6 pm GMT, typically) in one those styles, accompanied by Queneau’s original.

My yesterday entry is here: Lockdown Diaries II, Day 7: You Know

I invite you to write a reply in that same style. You can post it in the comment section on my blog or if you prefer, on your own blog and link to my blog and/or leave a message for me in the comments so that I can come and read your entry.

Please note this is not a competition with prizes just a little blogging fun!

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Party Invite

Hello everybody! We’re organising a bloggers’ party on 23 October, see details here. All are invited to join in and to make new friends. 🙂

Don’t Read My Blog

Any of you ever felt that you’re a blogger inside a hamster wheel?

I was looking at statistics and began to wonder what they do to the unwary blogger.

Don’t Read My Blog

Do you agree or disagree?

A Vote!

I’m doing the Dogwood 2016 photography challenge and I just posted four photos and a vote to accompany them for last week’s theme, Black & White Landscape.

Anyone here care to cast a vote as which one is the best of the four, it’d be much appreciated! (Also any comment you care to leave as to why.)

Along the Thames

Thanks in advance 🙂

Italics or Blue?

Hello lovely people!

Just looking for some advice regarding how to present bilingual posts – after some experimenting I’ve come to the decision that alternating chunks of text is the best (the page jumps didn’t work for e-mail followers). I now got two formats that I tried and I’d like some opinions which one is easier to follow?

The first method I used was to differentiate the second language by putting the paragraphs in italics like in this post:

Rest in Peace? The Wandering Remains of Christopher Columbus

But because my theme puts quotes in italics and I sometimes use italics in a text anyway, I thought that maybe putting the second language in a different colour might be better. Like this post:

The Siege (El asedio)

In which format is it easier to follow the text for a monolingual reader?

Thanks a lot in advance!

The World – según Tolstói

I had a go at another bilingual post – y me costó bastante, de verdad!

Anyhow, here’s the result:

The World According to Tolstoy (El mundo según Tolstói)

…for anybody who loves Tolstoy, especially War & Peace and Mario Vargas Llosa!

Y si alguien aquí quiere ayudarme y me corregir los errores, le agradecería!

Have a good day, folks! 🙂

Merry Christmas!

… to you all – with some pictures of the Christmas lights on the Cutty Sark in Greenwich.

Quién habla español aquí?

Just asking! 🙂 I’m busy working on adding bilingual content to my blog and today I published only my second genuinely bilingual post (English-Spanish). Since I’m neither a native English speaker, nor a native Spanish speaker I feel unreasonably proud of this achievement… and would also welcome some feedback! 🙂

Two Versions of The Old Man and the Sea (Dos versiones de El viejo y el mar)

Thanks a lot! (¡Muchas gracias!)

The Dear Deceased!

Anybody else noticed that half of your followers must have quietly passed away since signing up?! 🙂

On my blog the follower count is (slowly but) steadily increasing but I swear the traffic isn’t. Or at least, not in proportion! All right, so I don’t go around advertising the blog – I figured a while ago that it was a mug’s game, at least in my case – but that should just result in potentially no new people signing up. What I don’t get is: why do people sign up if they can’t be bothered to read afterwards?!

And no, I didn’t suddenly start to write worse stuff than I had say 4 months ago! 🙂 (If anything, practice probably made me more coherent.)

Any insights from the collective wisdom here?

Pride & Prejudice – in Tweets!

Recently I decided to depart from my usual type of posts… I thought I’d try a bit of ‘tweeting’. 🙂 Let me know how you like the result!

Pride & Prejudice in a Dozen Tweets