The Dear Deceased!

Anybody else noticed that half of your followers must have quietly passed away since signing up?! 🙂

On my blog the follower count is (slowly but) steadily increasing but I swear the traffic isn’t. Or at least, not in proportion! All right, so I don’t go around advertising the blog – I figured a while ago that it was a mug’s game, at least in my case – but that should just result in potentially no new people signing up. What I don’t get is: why do people sign up if they can’t be bothered to read afterwards?!

And no, I didn’t suddenly start to write worse stuff than I had say 4 months ago! 🙂 (If anything, practice probably made me more coherent.)

Any insights from the collective wisdom here?


Pride & Prejudice – in Tweets!

Recently I decided to depart from my usual type of posts… I thought I’d try a bit of ‘tweeting’. 🙂 Let me know how you like the result!

Pride & Prejudice in a Dozen Tweets

Driving away the September blues…

Summer is over and the holidays are over – that is if you managed to get some (I didn’t!)… So to drive away the September blues here’s my recommendation of books… to stay afloat! 🙂

They that Go Down to the Sea in Ships

The Perfect Apology


The End

It’s amazing how many people forget this little word. 🙂

(In reply to one of the Weekly Prompts by @ameenasmusings – my response is rather too short to make a post in its own right! )

News from Nice (France)

Heard the news on radio this morning, it’s so terrible. You really despair of mankind sometimes!

I wrote this post last November after the attack in Paris, and I never expected to republish it but it’s sadly current now:

The Little Prince

Three Ways to Dock a Motorboat

I wrote a humorous piece last night – well I tried! – but I’m not quite sure about how well it came out. It feels a bit heavy-handed to me but my older daughter was in stitches when she read it so I posted it anyway.

I wouldn’t mind some impartial #feedback though! Especially because I’m committed to a second part (it was too long to do it one) which I’m trying to complete by Friday or Saturday.

Link here: Three Ways to Dock a Motorboat (Part I). The story is part of my Upriver series (for those of you who know what that is).

Thanks a lot to anybody who reads it and leaves feedback! 🙂

Caption Contest

Can I invite you all to take part in a caption contest? (Please scroll down the page a bit, past the “service message”.)

In the beginning of May when I moved my blog to I had to write a forwarding post from the old self-hosted site pointing people to the new one. I tried to do it in a humorous way (you can have a look at it: The Last Post if you’re interested, any feedback is welcome on how to better it) and one of the options I offered to people who stumbled on the blog via a search engine was a caption contest.

I’m still looking for a good caption for the picture. The prize is nothing much other than it’s a chance for you to awaken interest in your blog (especially if you should be the winner) but as I’m not engaged in business blogging, that’s the best I can do! 🙂