Driving away the September blues…

Summer is over and the holidays are over – that is if you managed to get some (I didn’t!)… So to drive away the September blues here’s my recommendation of books… to stay afloat! 🙂

They that Go Down to the Sea in Ships

The Perfect Apology


The End

It’s amazing how many people forget this little word. 🙂

(In reply to one of the Weekly Prompts by @ameenasmusings – my response is rather too short to make a post in its own right! )

News from Nice (France)

Heard the news on radio this morning, it’s so terrible. You really despair of mankind sometimes!

I wrote this post last November after the attack in Paris, and I never expected to republish it but it’s sadly current now:

The Little Prince

Three Ways to Dock a Motorboat

I wrote a humorous piece last night – well I tried! – but I’m not quite sure about how well it came out. It feels a bit heavy-handed to me but my older daughter was in stitches when she read it so I posted it anyway.

I wouldn’t mind some impartial #feedback though! Especially because I’m committed to a second part (it was too long to do it one) which I’m trying to complete by Friday or Saturday.

Link here: Three Ways to Dock a Motorboat (Part I). The story is part of my Upriver series (for those of you who know what that is).

Thanks a lot to anybody who reads it and leaves feedback! 🙂

Caption Contest

Can I invite you all to take part in a caption contest? (Please scroll down the page a bit, past the “service message”.)

In the beginning of May when I moved my blog to wordpress.com I had to write a forwarding post from the old self-hosted site pointing people to the new one. I tried to do it in a humorous way (you can have a look at it: The Last Post if you’re interested, any feedback is welcome on how to better it) and one of the options I offered to people who stumbled on the blog via a search engine was a caption contest.

I’m still looking for a good caption for the picture. The prize is nothing much other than it’s a chance for you to awaken interest in your blog (especially if you should be the winner) but as I’m not engaged in business blogging, that’s the best I can do! 🙂

My First Ever Author Interview…

… is now – finally – published! I’m very pleased with it – to have managed to get the author in question to agree to the interview… to have managed to do the interview and in a foreign language.. .and then with the post!

If you remember a few weeks ago I asked for advice on how to do a bilingual post, and this is how it ended up… part bilingual, part parallel post.

I’d really like some feedback please

Spain from the Bar: Interview with Joan Planas

For Spanish speakers there is a Spanish version of the interview text but not my book review here: España desde el bar: Entrevista a Joan Planas


Anybody Writes a Bilingual Blog Here?

If any of you people run a bilingual blog, would you mind put your blog addresses here so I can have a look how it’s done? My blog is in English but I’ve got to do a bilingual post and I’m not sure how to do it. As I can see it, the options are:

  • one post with the full text in one language first and then the other language below (this seems to involve tedious scrolling through a long post for the second language and which language am I going to do the title?)
  • two identical posts in the two languages published at the same time (a bit annoying for followers to receive the same content twice in different languages especially if they can’t read one of them!)
  • one post with the text alternating between the languages after each paragraph (wouldn’t that just plain annoy everybody?)

Any advice much gratefully received! 🙂

PS. I ought to add: the original post (in one language only) is already quite long as it’s a book review followed by an interview with the author so that I’m thinking to break it already into two parts or two pages (if I can only figure out how to do it!). And on top of that it needs to be bilingual.

Just saying hello…


Just want to say hello to all of you here, as I just joined this forum. I had put a a short introduction with my blog’s link in the Bloggers’ Index but it seemed a bit strange to start talking to people without actually saying hello!

It’s always a bit intimidating to join a forum where you don’t know anybody… but I hope to get to know you all bit by bit. I had a look on some blogs – in an entirely random fashion – already. You’re obviously welcome to check my blog out too 🙂 : Waterblogged: Dry Thoughts on Damp Books.