Concert review

Hi everyone!
I recently wrote my first review after I have been to a James Arthur concert. I would love to hear feedback on it and if you think you would like to read what I have felt and all about my experience,this is the link (there are pictures as well):–BACK-FROM-THE-EDGE-TOUR–16112017

It would mean a lot! Thank you and happy blogging! xx


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I’ve graduated from high school and all about this special event,as well as my thoughts and feelings about it are on my blog! I hope you’ll give my blog a try! Any kind of feedback is more than welcomed!

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At the end of the year that have just passed,I asked myself one essential question “Am I feeling happy?”.

Now,let me ask you the same thing:Did you find what you were looking for? How do you truly feel on the inside?

My answer is on my new post: I would love to hear your thoughts or your own answers,so feel free to share!


1 year anniversary!


Today,one year ago,my first post came out.I am kinda nostalgic,but very happy and grateful that I have entered this exciting and thrilling world,which gave me the chance to meet new people and discover myself in more ways than I can count.

I would love,if you have some time,to go and check out my post,hopefully you will like it and share it further.Thank you for making me feel welcomed in this blogosphere and I hope I will interact with more bloggers soon!





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If you want to take a look at my new post,I will be grateful.Any of your thoughts can enrich my posts and improve my blog,so you are more than welcomed to join my enciting journey! It’s called “The power of thank you’s”.

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I have just changed my theme and colors and I would love to get your feedback on my blog and my posts because this way,I am able to grow,to improve and to interact with so much more of you,inspiring bloggers.Don’t forget to leave out your stories for me to check out,if you’d like.

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I am so glad I have entered this inciting world of blogging,where I have the chance to discover more of myself each day.I am grateful for all my followers and I would love to get to interact more and be inspired by your stories!Each of us has something worth saying and sharing!

I invite you on my blog and I hope to get to know more of you!

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Hello! I wrote some of…


I wrote some of my thoughts about life and what it is like growing up,given the fact that I have just turned 18 years old.I would like to share it with you and give you some insight into my sweet 18’s birthday party,so I invite you on my blog!It’s called “My dear 18”.


Hi to all my fellow bloggers!

I invite you to join my journey and welcome you to my blog where we can interact and I can discover more of your inspirational stories.Feel free to check out my pieces and tell me what you think,I would love to enrich my posts with your thoughts!

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Hiiiii,if you like,check out my new post,where I reveal some of my favorite things that I love deeply.

I would love to know some of yours as well,so I invite you on my blog!