I started doing #ceenphotography posted…

I started doing #ceenphotography posted on #challenges and love it. Here is one of mine:
FOTD – December 20, 2018 – Poinsettia
blessings to all

#yesterdaybest long time yesterday ago…

#yesterdaybest long time yesterday ago I posted this poem #Praise https://donnamaria.org/2018/10/12/praise-acrostic-poem/

HIya this is what is…

HIya this is what is happening to me. I am trying to find my niche in the #bloggers world. To help others. Trying to consolidate into one blog. Why am I having such a hard time with this? Maybe brings those blogs on a page in a blog. To keep maintenance at a low time skill. right? Later oh blog is https://donnamaria.org/ moving other two over to this one.

You will love DonnaMaria.org photography, poems, inspirational reflections.

blessings peace

#dailydiscussions – Experiment -thought I…

#dailydiscussions – Experiment -thought I would mention here too.
that I am moving a site of mine (blog) to wordpress.com https://donnamaria.org/ but not yet
it will take the place of https://donnamariadotorg.wordpress.com/ Tell if you like it.

wordpress.com I think is simpler than wordpress.org That is part of my experiment. Trying to help others with the best free, low cost simpler service they can use to blog, vlog etc…

oops left out a piece of the pie

the site I started and will move donnamaria.org over to.

this is my first post I think you will like it. Has a short video on it. Peace

HI all you good people

I had self-hosting moving back over to wordpress.com I feel calmer and less tecky noise. Sorry self-hosters. Tried before to consolidate but still thinking. Opened new site to call over donnamaria.org and then call the domain in. I have a site rosary and redsox.com. Since I am a non tecky I kerpluied it. But wordpress.com happiness engineers will help after I get through calling over Donna Maria. Say some prayers for me. I like blogging and want to come back to it. Do you know what I mean my friend? blessings Peace

#likefollowshare Vlog on Simplicity in…

#likefollowshare Vlog on Simplicity in Life
Vlogging on temptations I have and put them into Simplicity

Watch the video. It is short and sweet. You will love it. Vlog on simplicity to have in life. The temptations are the distractions I have when working and doing my creativity. You also may have many temptations.
see short message and video at click

Hi all, was wondering is…

Hi all, was wondering is this meetup group just for wp.com or is it ok for the wp.org self hosted sites also?
please let me knnow either way. Blessings donna maria

My newest post on a…

My newest post on a new site I have come and join I love to have you. https://donnamaria.org/quote-scripture-inspiration-called-scription-no-13/ Welcome Friend,

Quote Scripture and Inspiration

How do you pray? Here is another Scripture quote I am sure you will love and will inspire you from Jeremiah. A reflection/inspiration of a quote from Billy Graham. Remembering watching Billy Graham as a child. A true Christ worshiper and was and is still helping the world with all he does with that service. See here.

Changing the explanation title from Scripnet to Scription. Let me know what you think in the comments below. ….

Quotes ….
see you there… you will love it 🙂 blessings

#dailydiscussions Hi all, back from…

#dailydiscussions Hi all, back from a long needed break. Great to be here. I have another site. https://donnamaria.org/ great site for all.
here is my last post enjoy https://donnamaria.org/quote-scripture-inspiration-called-scription-no-13/
blessings to all. donna maria