Hi all, was wondering is…

Hi all, was wondering is this meetup group just for wp.com or is it ok for the wp.org self hosted sites also?
please let me knnow either way. Blessings donna maria

My newest post on a…

My newest post on a new site I have come and join I love to have you. https://donnamaria.org/quote-scripture-inspiration-called-scription-no-13/ Welcome Friend,

Quote Scripture and Inspiration

How do you pray? Here is another Scripture quote I am sure you will love and will inspire you from Jeremiah. A reflection/inspiration of a quote from Billy Graham. Remembering watching Billy Graham as a child. A true Christ worshiper and was and is still helping the world with all he does with that service. See here.

Changing the explanation title from Scripnet to Scription. Let me know what you think in the comments below. ….

Quotes ….
see you there… you will love it 🙂 blessings

#dailydiscussions Hi all, back from…

#dailydiscussions Hi all, back from a long needed break. Great to be here. I have another site. https://donnamaria.org/ great site for all.
here is my last post enjoy https://donnamaria.org/quote-scripture-inspiration-called-scription-no-13/
blessings to all. donna maria

#dailydiscussions Hello, I have had…

#dailydiscussions Hello, I have had the opportunity to have a wonderful guest post on my blog.
Sweet Tea and Jesus
Here with me, today guest posting is Steve Sawyer. He has more than three decades of experience as a writer, editor, reporter, technical writer and writing teacher. He graduated from Auburn University in Montgomery, Alabama with a degree in journalism studies. He and his wife Marie, co-parent their two granddaughters, four and seven.

He sings in his church choir and remains active in his men’s prayer group. Since he retired in 2010 he enjoys writing for his family-friendly, Christ-centered blog Monday through Friday. He is passionate about writing to help readers know, understand, believe, and live out of their true identity in Christ. click link to read more

Sweet Tea and Jesus http://rosaryandredsox.com/guestpostsweetteajesus2599-2/#

#dailydiscussions Hi I have just…

#dailydiscussions Hi I have just written afew days ago a post and thought you may like. I am humbling asking for people to guest post on my blog check it out. http://rosaryandredsox.com/invitation-guest-post/
Let me know if this is okay or not to post here. You can let me know here or I will see you there if you are interested Love to hear from you. blessings to all. Look forward to meeting you. To guest blog is a great way to meet others. Grow your audience. Lots of other good things. Blessings Talk later.

hi there is my latest…

hi there is my latest post I voted early 🙂 in the USA…. not boosting but encouraging


#dailydiscussions here is my lasted…

#dailydiscussions here is my lasted blog post I had know idea that is was Italian Heritage Month in the USA .. I am Italian descent so I wrote about it. 🙂 enjoy sign up for my blog update…. all is groovey over there and here 🙂 blessings