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Happy Father’s Day

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Mental health disorder in Nigeria

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Effort is useless when Help is not available

Help is a vital part in God’s creation and as humans we need help along the way as we journey here on earth in order for us to have a fulfilled life. Genesis 2:18

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God can use what destroyed or killed other people in your family, group, place of work to lift and establish you.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

There’s this story of a widow with two sons in 2kings 4:1-7 whom her husband died leaving her with debts that he borrowed and the creditors were about to take her two sons as slaves for the money her husband was owing them.

The bible went on to say that this widow ran to Elijah for help but all Elijah could do was to tell her to go borrow as many empty jars as she could and go into her house with her sons, shut the door and pour her little oil into the jars one after the other until all were completely filled and none left.

When she told the man of God what had happened, he said to her, Now sell the olive oil and pay your debts, and you and your sons can live on what is left over.
2 Kings 4:7 NLT

Her husband died borrowing but the widow paid off her husband debts also through borrowing and had enough left to take care of herself and her children.

It is the borrowing that her husband died in that also brought her out of indebtedness.

You also remember how Obed-edom was blessed because the Ark of God was in his house? The same Ark that kill the men who tried to prevent it from falling. 1Chronicles 13:12‭-‬14 NLT

May what killed others be a blessing unto you. May you rise where others fall, when others say there’s a casting down may you say there’s a lifting up in Jesus name.

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