Voices in my Head

Lately, I’ve been hearing voices, having full conversations in my head.  I thought I was going a little crazy or experiencing some type of psychotic episode.  Well actually I have been writing a lately and the voices are actually characters in different stories that are talking in my head.   I’m excited and scared at the same time.  I mean, I’m happy that the stories are trying to come together, but they are also talking over each other and I have to constantly write thoughts down before the next character starts to talk.  Example, I’m writing a story that came from my visit to Virginia Beach.  My hotel was on the beach and my room had a nice view of the ocean but the balconies was attached.  My room was located on the 7th floor, with was just awesome, but it felt creepy keeping my sliding patio door open.  I kept thinking that someone would climb over the attached balcony rails and come into my room.  I did notice a few folks on my floor and a neighbor next door.  Laying in my bed in the dark with the curtains and my sliding door slightly opened, I told myself I can’t fall asleep like this because someone might come into my room.  So at some point, I got up and reluctantly closed and locked the door.  Throughout my nice quiet, peaceful weekend nothing happened but I couldn’t get the thought about that balcony and how all the rooms were connected, someone could just cross that small gate.  Thus a story formed in my head, suppose someone was at a party that got out of control, and the only way out was the balcony?  They had to climb over each balcony to get away and hope that someone left their sliding door open and would allow them to escape from their room.  Well, that thought alone has developed into a story.  Shay the woman who escaped by climbing over the balcony is going through some tough problems, Lance the guy whose room she crawled through is shocked and mad at the situation since his friends are the one Shay is running from. Jaden is the guy who attacked and locked Shay in the bedroom but she was able the hit him where it hurts the most and break a lamp over his head.  When he is found in his room knocked out, his friends laugh at him and tease him.

That is just one story with characters that talking…..I need another vacation at the beach to just write…..

What I like about Wintertime :)

Finally we get a little taste of winter with a small amount of snow (in DC).  What I like about winter is the cold weather.  Now I’m not saying that I like being cold, but I like the closeness it can bring.  You snuggle a little closer to someone, family, friends, significant others.  You seek out the warmth in others, at least I do.  When I think of cold, snowy weather I tend to romanticize it, I think of hot chocolate by a blazing fire place in a ski chalet, something I’ve never done.  But when we get a snow that closes down the city, that is just as good for me, i’m one of those folks in the story buying up everything I think I may need and a few things I don’t.  I make sure to have the staples, milk, bread, water, Beer, Wine, batteries, candles (flameless candles are awesome).  Got my movies all lined up, and i’m walking around in the warmest pajamas and mix match socks.  So this small amount of snow yesterday was NOTHING, bring on the big stuff.

Anyway, just thought I would take a few minutes to write my thoughts down, what are some of your winter things to do?

Writers Block – Characters talking

So, I’m trying to complete a couple stories that was posted and I have the worst case of writer’s block ever.  I swear writer’s block is the devil! I feel lost in my own head.  I have more than 10 different stories that are talking to me constantly.  Characters are floating around asking me questions and telling me how what they want to say.  The Homeless story, Quinn wants to tell his story about how he came to be homeless with his 6-month-old daughter, but the babies mother want to talk also because she feels that her side must be told also.  She doesn’t want to be portrayed as the bad person, but she is the bad person.   The other story What’s a Man To Do well so much has happened that I don’t know where to begin, his soon to be ex-wife feels that once you understand where she is coming from, everyone will see that she has been misunderstood and it is time for her to have some fun in her life, just because they have children shouldn’t mean that they can’t have fun anymore.  She likes going out with the girls, hitting the gym and the attention she is getting is like a drug to her.  She says her girls tell her all the time that she deserves to be treated like a queen and if she doesn’t feel like working she shouldn’t have to because she gave him what he wanted, the children, so now it’s time to do what she wants.

Then there is the story about a Wedding that is just crazy, I can’t even post what I have so far because one of the characters is mad, another one is shocked, and still another one is waiting to be introduced and when that happens everyone will be affected on some kind of emotional level.

So I need to work on separating these folks in my head, they all mixed up and trying to cross over into other story lines.  What a mess in my head right now.  So know that I’m going to get these folks in line and finish telling their stories soon.  I think I need an outline for each story because freestyling doesn’t work for me.  If you have any comments please talk to me!!!  Anyway, Quinn says that his story was posted first and since he has seniority, he respectfully asks that I let his “no good baby mama” (those are his words) tell her side of the story so that he can move on with his life.

Coming soon……these folks in my head will be leaving to make room for other characters that are sitting quietly watching what’s happening in my head.