Just finished a quick easy…

Just finished a quick easy craft to help with your Christmas decor. Using my IKEA magnet board and some fabric, I’m adding a little cheer to my kitchen. Check it out, pin and share!

Fabric Covered Magnet Board

I don’t know if any…

I don’t know if any of you have been running into this problem. There’s a solution. When I take pictures with my iphone 4 and upload them to my posts, occasionally although I edit them to be turned the correct way, when shared on social media and when the blog is viewed on your phone the picture is rotated 90 degrees. I found out why, my outdated phone (sorry the one before this was a flip phone, I drag my feet with new tech) when taking pictures vertically the blog masters rotate the picture. So first take pictures with your phone in the horizontal and I also added a plug in called Image Rotation Fixer.

Check out the rotated pictures by sharing them on social media, lets give everyone a crooked neck!

Upcycle Diaper Box

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I am sharing my new…

I am sharing my new post here, for some reason I can not connect to community chat.
Let me know if you enjoy this post for the summer. A little something for succulents and upcycled jello mold containers.

DIY Succulent Planter


Missed His Heart Anniversary What…

Missed His Heart Anniversary
What a difference a few years makes in our perceptions of life. Three years ago we were in a hospital and our youngest son was on a ventilator at 4 months of age. This year was a different feel.

Missed His Heart Anniversary

#wednesdayweeklyprompts this is a post…

#wednesdayweeklyprompts this is a post I did while ago about a hero that I like to call Big-C

The Unflappable Big-C

Continuing to improve my site,…

Continuing to improve my site, wondering what people’s favorite or interesting plugins they have and how they use them in addition to the typical SEO Yoast and Akismet?

So here’s the situation. I…

So here’s the situation. I have switched over from wordpress.com to my new and improved wordpress.org site. The issue is when ever I do anything with #bloggingmeetup or #bloggingbranding or go through the reader, my link (unless I am able to change it) goes to my old site.

Even trying to reblog a great opportunity through https://therichnessofasimplelife.wordpress.com/2016/05/27/meet-greet-pizza-party/. I end up getting traffic on my old site, which I haven’t posted on since March. I would love that traffic to come to my new site.

I’ve contacted people to help, but can’t seem to figure it out. My solution was to send out one last post on my old site to hopefully get the few folks that follow to come find me at my new site. I am going to make my old site inactive by this Wednesday. Hopefully I will still be able to meet up with all of you! If you have another solution, I am all ears(eyes)…..