Visiting Agra? Expect it Lower than Budgeted.

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I am writhing this post late. I have my own reasons, which is forgetfulness to write down my travel diaries because I am writing something different for myself or on this blog.

Since I am an Airline Professional I got rock bottom cheap airfare travel from Mumbai to Delhi and then I traveled Agra via an Ola Outstation Service Car which charged us just about INR 3000/- for a very long 4 hours journey. The city of Agra is amazing. Its bustling and not quiet, unlike Goa and other tourism places. Its semi-clean, cool air soft breeze, loving people. I visited in the month of March and it was a journey which I will never forget.

If I had been in Goa the rickshaw drivers would have charged me more than INR 2000/- for a full day tour, but here it happened at an extremely low price a cost so…

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LG Q6: A Value for Money Smart Phone on Amazon

Saint Monk

I bought this phone for my father and its really great. Awesome phone for the price. Do see the Youtube Review and you can choose to buy the phone on the link mentioned below.

Click here to Buy LG Q6

Photo credit: LGEPR via / CC BY

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How I lost 6 kg in a Week? Without a proper Diet and Exercise.

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At 106, it was really a task to use public transport all the way to office or even walk for a short distance. 106 was my weight and it’s not my age. I was 28 years old and 106 kg fat and looked like a Grizzly Bear. For about 4 years I tried reducing my weight with no effort and I achieved to go from 102 in 2014 to 106 in 2017. I had to go downward and not upward and the only thing I had achieved was I didn’t explode but rather controlled the explosion to just make its pace slower and not reverse it.

I was a foodie and I am one, still. Food has always been my best past time and I still don’t need anyone to accompany me when I am eating, I can eat alone. Tea was my favorite and at office I had Bun…

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‘Not Without My Daughter’ (by Betty Mahmoody) – Book Review

Not Without My Daughter’ or ‘NWMD’ was written by Mrs. Betty Mahmoody along with some assistance from Mr. William Hoffer. This book is not a Fiction but is an Autobiography on a life’s phase of Betty Mahmoody. It’s a real incident and there is an English movie on this book with the same title, but the movie has skipped many important parts. Read More

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A Real Experience on Casteism in India

I look like a higher class person (as reviewed by some of my friends) because of my Jewish ancestors. So, many people don’t suspect me to be from the so called backward community and vomit their harsh words in front of me. Read More – An Encounter to Casteism

Maasai Mara : In Brief

You all must have seen the Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel and in it the Lions & the other Big Cats, the African Elephants, the Wild Beast and the various flora and fauna of the forest with many different species of animals. Well! They are mostly from Africa and most importantly from the Maasai Mara, in Kenya. Maasai Mara is situated in Kenya and is one of Africa’s greatest Wildlife Reserves. It is considered as the world’s top and most favorite Safari Destination and this is due to its spectacular Eco-System…..Read More. 

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The Bully At School

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The Bully at School

My Experience on Quitting Smoking…

My Experience on Quitting Smoking
People don’t know why is almost impossible to quit smoking. They just don’t know. But there is a difficult way but it’s easier if it takes course at the right time. Read my Post Quitting Nicotine.

#dailydiscussions Do You Know You…

#dailydiscussions Do You Know You are Addicted to Sugar..?

Sugar is just like cocaine. Read why you need to give up or reduce sugar. Read my blog post You Are Addicted to Sugar..!.

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You are Addicted to Sugar…!

After, so much research and experience. This is for all you people. It will be best to realize your addiction and work on it. #Health #SugarAddiction #Addiction #Obesity #DOPE

Do read my blog post You are Addicted to Sugar…!