Merry Christmas everyone 🎄 

Merry Christmas everyone and I wish you all a prosperous new Year in advance. 

Who wants to venture into the new Year in Grace? Well am sure everyone does so I am having my own special 5-days of Christmas. The theme is – StormingS into 2017 with Grace….. 

Let’s make the best of the next few days of this year by keeping post to update on the blog…. Stay blessed….

Slayersrus…. New post 💃💃

​Hey hey,  it’s been a while I know!  But here’s a new blog post on Slayersrus….

Whoever said your physicalities were limitations???

Hey lovelies….. As promised I have a new post up today….  So take time to check it out and am sure you would learn a thing or two from it…..

Yours truly.. J ❤❤❤

The edges trick 😅😅👸

​Hey lovelies….  August is practically done and guess who has another hair trick for you all..👸👸👸👸👸

The 30 seconds hair trick to achieve fuller and thicker edges now up on my blog….  don’t forget to comment and share your opinion, follow/subscribe 
Link below 👇👇👇

The black tea rinse

hey lovelies 

New post on Slayersrus…

Link below

The Crowned August series…..

Hey lovlies….. I hope your August is going on well…. 

New post on my blog from the ‘Crowned August’ series…. 

     👇👇👇👇👇👇 link below….
Stay blessed…..J❤❤❤

Lets talk hair 👰👰

​You know how we have all had those moments where by

  • Our hair just refuses to grow even a centimeters longer
  • Our hair constantly remains dry even after the endless creaming and conditioning
  • Our hair remains brittle and just keeps breaking off after each brush
  • Our hair refuses to keep that glowing and radiant shine after conditioning and washing 

New post on Slayersrus…. Lets talk hair!!
Read the post to get your hair stronger and healthier in weeks🙌🙌🙌🙌

Yours truly…J❤❤

The Crowned August…👰👰

Hey everyone,
Happy new month to y’all. I hope you all had a wonderful July and I pray your August would be better….

I have a themed month for this month of August…. THE CROWNED AUGUST 

Am going to be talking about everything hair…. From tips amd tricks to regimens down to DIY… Its gonna be great with you all on board.

Do visit my blog for all your hair questions answered and to drop others to be answered …. Have a blessed month ahead. Its going to be Hairtastic👰👰👰

The Crowned August link🔗
And do take your time to check out my previous posts from last month and those from June that you may have missed …. There is alot left to learn, more opinions from you all to be added and shared….

Have fun this month

Yours truly…J❤❤

New post alert⚠⚠, Birthday soon❤🎂🎂

​New Post on Slayersrus….. 

Guess who is Plus one tomorrow 🎂🎂🎂🙌- ME….. *drumroll*

Black cat, blue sea award💁💁

Hey hey everyone…..

The lovely blogger behind Obsolete childhood, Suze nominated me for the Black Cat, blue sea award. I am super excited… And it happens to be my first award nomination….

Thank you Suze it means a lot…..