Watch “Bob Dylan – What Was It You Wanted?” on YouTube

I rarely believe major stars feel betrayed by fans…however, this song has a resonance with me and I can believe Bob Dylan on this score. Further, I did want to “betray” him by an interview back when ‘foggy’ was running his web page site. He didn’t reply. What was it I wanted besides a story? To assign duties to be a civil rights activist; didn’t we also elect Bob Dylan to this and all highly successful artists? Jokers can carry a tune; isn’t this your “real job”? Of course, we don’t really want most of them much like Grocho Marx, the majority should continue Just As They Are

National strikes for Intellectual Property theft

Help! I Am An Environmentalist Who Has Seen The Ice Core Data And The Truth

Open Letter to President Elect Trump:

(1) Please rescind NASA budget cuts to the Sea Ice group (2) Support a resonsible nominee that supports Kyoto — at least with planned partial goals (3) Contact AU CSIRO & Antarctic Division in Hobart, TAS, AU for a copy of Ice Core data and their reports (4) Please oppose the reactionary views expressed in the attached letter via DuckDuckGo for Android



When you are stopped by the police

1.  You have already referred to the aclu_dot_org site and read their bust card.

  • You have the right to remain silent.  If you wish to exercise that right say so.
  • You have the right to refuse a search of your person, car, home.  If you cannot afford a lawyer, then I’d advise against this.  However, this is quite important or your camera may keep coming up missing.
  • There’s a lot more but then again are you a member of the ACLU?


What is named user license? Webopedia Definition

Anyone following Mind Freedom International and defeating the Murphy Bill?

Very obviously a direct assault on **ALL** inalienable rights.  Rather than as discussed by Hegel, that everyone has a right to a family the debt collector is your new family.

I guess I would adopt a similar bill immediately in HHS committee, or NIMH and move to return this bill to its committee in favor of one that states that all rights of mentally ill persons that are adequately competent — that is normally competent or expected to be restored or are generally restorable can refuse any or all provisions of this bill.

As a simple logic analysis, if you were under anesthesia then the bill would apply and hence it intends to violate Equal Protection of the Constitution. So, even if that is written out the bill, then that is actually the true medical state of some mentally ill persons, that there isn’t any medicine available and doing little is the best choice. But it seems like a Trojan horse for forced medications, which in a large percent 30 < x < 67 of cases have a sedating effect and cause far more distressing mental health symptoms. So, a short-term barbiturate would suffice.

Joni Mitchell “Both Sides Now”