Double Dribble

I encourage everybody to take a look at today’s post. It takes place when I was 7 years old but it is symptomatic of what would plague me for decades.

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A Pair of Boobs in the Window

A fun one about adolescence.

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Marc’s Rule-Don’t be Mad at Somebody for treating You the Same Way You Treat Them

Today’s post is about being misunderstood. You have to take into account my perspective as you read this. As I am on the autism spectrum so figuring out social expectations has always been tricky.

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Hey everybody, hope all is…

Hey everybody, hope all is good. Check out this funny one


Here is a profound yet funny one I really enjoy. There’s even a funny IQ test. C’mon, you gotta be intrigued.

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Hey everybody. How is your…

Hey everybody. How is your day? Please come check out my latest entry.

The Robins of my Soul

Happy day everybody! I would like to share my post from my bog today. This one is from the chapter about the great but complicated love of my twenties. Flowery poetry was not my thing but I couldn’t help myself. Sometimes love does that to us.

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so everybody, what do all…

so everybody, what do all of you write about? Do you want to share your link with me? I write about my life and struggles and what I have learned from them as a man who grew up with undiagnosed autism. Here is a link to a blog I think you will like, it’s pretty funny.

How to Introduce Yourself

Some of my stories are poignant while others are just flat our funny. This is a little poignant and a lot funny.

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