Where are you on a cultural spectrum?

We are all very different. That’s a fact. Embracing these differences is important for us to be able to communicate, cooperate and coexist in general. In my new article I share some reflections on a cultural code which were triggered by the discussion over traditions of celebrating International Women’s day. What do you think? What would be your reaction? Should you have something to say on the matter, I would truly love to hear from you!

And here is the article itself –> Reflections on a cultural code

Videos… My new adventure!

I have always been very reluctant in recording myself speak… Somehow I always found my voice to sound totally horrible on record. Nonetheless, encouraged by many, I have finally overcome that fear of mine and… here it is – now I have made a video section on my blog and there is already the very first video!

On how to deal with negative thinking – check it out at https://familylifeceo.com/videos/


What is expensive?

What is expensive? Why do you consider something to be expensive or may be even too expensive? (I am not talking about Bugatti, a private jet or a duplex on the 5th Avenue here, just about simple stuff) Do you make a comparison with other alike products? Do you take into account opportunity costs? Do you consider hidden costs? In this short article I would like to talk about the perception of money, or better – understanding for yourself what “expensive” actually means.


The power of small tweaks or how I lost 15 kg in a year

It is all about those tiny little tweaks, those tiny steps in the right direction and above all – about the discipline in persistently doing those steps every single day. That is the approach that will get you anywhere you want.

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The power of small tweaks or How I lost 15 kilos in a year


And Happy New Year!!!!! Let’s rock it big time – in small chunks! 😉

Fancy a cheesecake?

Dear co-bloggers,

First and foremost, I wish you magical end of the year! I hope you get to spend this time with your family and loved ones.

I have a small “present” to make – here is the first chapter of my cheesecake cookbook – https://familylifeceo.com/2016/12/26/easy-cheesecakes/ which contains two simple but very tasty recipes of cheesecakes. You can make them in under an hour and you just need 3-4 ingredients.

Once again – have a fantastic end of a year and a great start of the next one!

Warmly yours,

Maria, a.k.a. Family Life CEO


Do you often catch yourself thinking negative thoughts? Do you know how to deal with them? In my new post I share what works for me in dealing with negative thoughts.

Divorce your story: How to get rid of negative thinking


Do you ever procrastinate?

If you do (like almost all of us), then you might find these four strategies on how to beat procrastination and get yourself on to the road towards your goals, useful:

Don’t procrastinate on beating procrastination

Don’t procrastinate on beating proscrastination

The main secret to junk-free house

Can you guess what it is?

The main secret to junk-free house

Time: why does it run faster as we age and can we slow it down?

Time flies. The perception of time is relative. Time runs faster as we grow up. But is it actually true or our brain is playing yet another trick on us? And if so – can we play back and slow down time?

Time: why does it run faster as we age and can we slow it down?

On supporting dreams

They say that every time you buy at a small business you are supporting somebody’s dream. I love that quote and the concept itself is very dear to me. This is what my today’s post is about – supporting small businesses and supporting dreams.

Have a great start of the week everyone!

Why do I buy from small businesses (and you should too)?