War zone

For all those who find themselves nestled in these words… You are not alone ❤️


A Touch to remember


I’ve been so bombarded with life, and was convinced that 2020 stole my ability to string words together.

It appears, thankfully, that I may have been mistaken.


Breaking the stigma – most who Corona are NOT doomed


This was hard to write, but I hope it will help break the ugly stigma that seems to be forming around Covid-19

Dear Person

Sometimes things just magically line up… I didnt even know that today was World Poetry Day. And this morning I finished my seventeenth poem. A pretty fitting way to celebrate the day. Please have a look… And any feedback, complimentary or critical, would be so appreciated…




The muses seem to be smiling on me in 2020. Second one within a month. Please have a look (and any feedback, whether complimentary or critical, will be most welcome and appreciated).



It’s been a while since I’ve been this honest on paper.

My entire adult struggle in a few lines..


You made me love you

To celebrate my 5 year WordPress anniversary, I’ve finally finished my 14th poem.

Comments and criticisms are most welcome 💖


Let’s be honest

Some of my thoughts on the violent situation in RSA right now


Lessons for the Living

My week started with this lesson: life is short, and there is absolutely no guarantee that we will meet one another again tomorrow…