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Hi everyone. I hope the writing gods have been kind to you all.
Real life kind of took over this year, but the pages have not been all dry. Came across a challenge for November and have been updating daily. Pop on over to have a look. Eight posts up already.


My London vacation

Hello everyone *waves*

I’ve spent the past 9 days on the best vacation I’ve ever had. I have been documenting my journey, so pop on over to inkyimpressions.wordpress.com if you want to have a squizz through my travel diary.

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Immortal inferno

Hello all! Hope you have settled into the new year, and that all is well. The writing gods have smiled upon me and resulted in poem #7.

As always, I welcome all thoughts…



Fangirl’s dream come true

Just wanted to share an amazing experience. I am still reeling.



I am starting to worry that my writing skill is limited to naughty poetry. After months of neglecting my pen, this is what came from it yesterday…


#dailydiscussions Whispers…. http://ravingsofanalien.blogspot.co.za/2016/10/a-z-blogger-challenge-2016-whispers.html

#dailydiscussions Whispers….

A-Z Blogger Challenge 2016 – There is no Team without Trust — Ravings

I am a very different sort of character at work.My methods, while very efficient most of the time, seem to rub my colleagues up the wrong way (all the time). But apart from me, one of the biggest challenges I think we face as a staff is a serious lack of unity.When I started this…

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