Breaking the stigma – most who Corona are NOT doomed

This was hard to write, but I hope it will help break the ugly stigma that seems to be forming around Covid-19

Dear Person

Sometimes things just magically line up… I didnt even know that today was World Poetry Day. And this morning I finished my seventeenth poem. A pretty fitting way to celebrate the day. Please have a look… And any feedback, complimentary or critical, would be so appreciated…


The muses seem to be smiling on me in 2020. Second one within a month. Please have a look (and any feedback, whether complimentary or critical, will be most welcome and appreciated).


It’s been a while since I’ve been this honest on paper.

My entire adult struggle in a few lines..

You made me love you

To celebrate my 5 year WordPress anniversary, I’ve finally finished my 14th poem.

Comments and criticisms are most welcome 💖

Let’s be honest

Some of my thoughts on the violent situation in RSA right now

Lessons for the Living

My week started with this lesson: life is short, and there is absolutely no guarantee that we will meet one another again tomorrow…

Challenges – Part 3: 30 Day Challenge

New post – challenges part 3

Inky Impressions

If you’re human, food forms a part of every aspect of your life. We eat to live, to celebrate, to commiserate, to soothe. We use food to fuel not only our bodies, but our emotions as well. We basically live to eat.

Then you wake up one day and you have two asses, three chins, creaky knees, and a bakery on your back…and a very shitty body image, in addition to the other emotional baggage life forces you to carry. And as nice as that ice-cream or chocolate cake tasted every time you took a bite, thinking that it would distract you from or take away whatever pain you were feeling, all you ended up doing was causing yourself more pain.

Food was very much an emotional panacea for me. Till this day, it is ridiculously easy for me to drown myself in a vat of mint choc-chip ice-cream. But…

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Challenges – Part 2: 100 Days

Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what make life meaningful.

Inky Impressions

“Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what make life meaningful.”

I’m a few days shy of my 36th birthday, and I am in the best physical shape I’ve ever been in.

My fitness journey started about three years ago, when my sister persuaded me to join a Pilates class (I asked her if I could go with one evening to observe – the instructor made me participate, in the dress I was wearing that day). As challenging as it was initially, I got into it quicker than I thought I would.About a year or so after I joined Pilates, my colleague invited me to come try a fitness class that he conducts at our school, two evenings a week. By this time, I was wanting to add another form of exercise to my week.

Pilates was hard. Powerbox was on a whole other level for…

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