New post: ‘Top 5 album to listen to on the road’

Hey lovely bloggers!

If you are after some good music to get you through the day. Here is my latest article!
My Top 5 albums to listen to when I’m on the road

I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Matea xx

More travel stories on my blog!

Hey guys!

More travel stories on my blog. I’d love to have your feedback and to hear about your travel experiences as well 🙂

I hope everyone is loving their blogging time.

Matea xx

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New blog name

Hey guys,

I’ve changed the name of my blog from Seven steps at a time to The Flowing Minds.
I’d love to get some feedbacks on the new name and the blog.

Cheers xx

Gig review at the Sydney Opera House on my blog!

Hey guys,

I had to review a show at the Sydney Opera House on Saturday night and I thought I would share the article and the photos:

I hope you like it 🙂

Thinking of writing a Master’s thesis?

Hi everyone,

I have published an article in which I give advices on how to write a Master’s thesis.

I’d love to hear your advices on the writing but also your comments if you too have finished your thesis.

Thanks! xx

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Travel preparation, I need your help!

Calling all travellers who have spent some time in South East Asia: I would love to get some advices and suggestions to prepare my upcoming trip.

More info on my blog post:

Thank you for sharing! I’m looking forward to reading all your awesome experiences xx

My experience as a music journalist

Hi everyone!


I would love some feedback on my latest post in which I reflect on my experience as a music journalist.

Thanks for your help 🙂

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Want to study short academic courses online and for free?

Hey guys,

I’ve discovered these online free courses put together by some of the best universities around the world. The courses are about 2-3 hours of study per week and they last between 2 and 8 weeks, depending on the course. The topics are really varied and they go from business management to advertising or arts production, etc.

If you want to know more about it, check out my blog post:

I’m very fond of education and I believe that it should be free so I’ll share many more articles on this topic. I personally have enrolled in the course Social Media – why we post? that starts on the 23rd of June. Let me know if you want to join in and we can study together 🙂

Cheers for reading.

Matea xx

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A little presentation

Hello everyone!

I have finally added a ‘ABOUT’ page on my blog. I hope this will give people a better idea of what I’d like to achieve with this seven steps at a time.

I hope you like it 🙂

Matea xx

Start your week with awesome music

Hey guys,

Here is a link to my most recent blog post in which I’ve added the soundcloud link of a mix of 7 tracks I’ve made.

In general I blog about arts, music, lifestyle and travels.

I hope you enjoy it xx