I just posted a new…

I just posted a new blog article about my experiences with World of Warcraft and game addiction. Slow summer, but hey I got nearly 1500 words out of it!


Howdy folks! I recently wrote…

Howdy folks! I recently wrote an article about the concept of friends of benefits.

Content Note: Obviously a discussion about this is going to feature a discussion about sex, I have kept it fairly discrete but I want to give a heads up so someone doesn’t accidentally look at it at work. I know it’s a thorny subject, but I figured I had a different take on it that I didn’t see from other authors.

The Cost of Benefits

Howdy folks!

New post (deals with depression, fair warning):


Time to get back to posting nerdy stuff!


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My triumphant return begins!

Can’t Spin This

Finally! Writing! This one’s a…

Finally! Writing! This one’s a bit of a response to a post that SunkenThought made earlier.

Where Do They All Belong?

Backlog time!

The Stroke of Midnight

Here’s a fun topic, it’s…

Here’s a fun topic, it’s about my woes finding an audience!

Where Art Thou, Audience?

Here’s a simple post for Christmas.

A Small Wish for Christmas and Beyond

I wrote this post about…

I wrote this post about seeing a bit of life on the autism spectrum. Hopefully, I’ll produce more articles in a similar vein.

Seeing A Bit of the Spectrum