8 Signs You Might Need a Mental Health Break

I knew I was working too hard, but the overachiever in me, the perfectionist in me, kept going, kept pushing through, until, one afternoon, I broke.  I shut down completely.  If I had recognized the warning signs earlier, my meltdown might not have become so severe.  If I had just recognized the warning signs earlier, then it might not have taken extended Mental Health Days to recover.

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10 Ways to Take Back Your Power Forever

There is something we all have in common no matter where we’re from or what we’ve been through:  most of us have the desire for power and control over ourselves and our life and circumstances.  Perhaps events in your life have you feeling victimized, or maybe your circumstances have left you  feeling powerless and helpless.   If you feel this way, you are not alone.  It is time to take back your power!

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How Lack of Self Care Can Lead to Depression

Depression.  Sometimes it happens.  I don’t know why, or maybe I do and don’t give it enough credit.  Either way, I am writing at this moment to shake off the desire to self-harm.  The urge only began a little while ago, but my mood has been unstable all day.  If you caught me on Twitter @missinginsight earlier, I posted the following picture.

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TBT ~ Where I’m From

TBT: Where I’m From

Welcome to my new series called “Throw Back Thursday”.  Each Thursday I’ll re-publish an old post from my previous years of blogging when I wasn’t much in a recovery-state-of-mind.  I’ll read the passage and compare how I was then with how I am now.

This new series starts off with a post I wrote on December 2, 2012.  This was an assignment I was given in college about writing where we are from.  We were given the opportunity to interpret the assignment any way we wanted, and some of the students wrote about a geographical place whereas I wrote about the environment in which I was raised.

The passage is entitled “Where I’m From”.  My comments about where I was then compared to where I am now follow the writing piece.

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