Care for a Cup of Joe?

The #weekendcoffeeshare is one of my favorite posts to write! Would you care to have coffee with me??


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***New Post***

So just doing some random babbling…anyone want to talk? Maybe a new Wednesday post. I’m redoing my blog content. Not really sure what I’m doing honestly. Hahahaha!

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Hello All

So I totally neglected my cyber home but I’m back! Here’s  an open letter to my daughter.

Check it out  if you get a chance! How has everyone been?

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Week in Review (CoffeeShare)

Hi! I’ve been a little quiet this week. My family and I were on staycation (no work but no real destination lol)! We had a great time. How was your week? Wanna talk about it over coffee?

It is my sincere hope that everyone had a wonderful and will have a great week ahead!

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Blah Week

Doing a weekend coffee share post has always been pretty easy for me. However, this week was uneventful but I didn’t want to miss the coffee share. (At least I can be honest about it lol). Please check out my weekend coffee share post. 9 people have read it but only 3 people like it…I’m with the other 6…hahahahahaha!  Now that I’ve decided to stop beating myself up over this…I can tell you there are links to other really good posts from the past week that should make the post worth reading. LOL. (laugh to keep from crying right).

How was your week? Share a little coffee with me!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend planned!

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I shared my 1st piece of poetry today in an attempt to escape writing “my life story“. We all have those days where we don’t feel like feeling…right? I wrote this poem years ago. Please let me know what you think!

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Mommy Usage is on Social Media

Mommy Usage has taken a leap into the social media world! You can now find us on Facebook! If you have some time please go like the page! Thank you for all of your support.

If you have a social media page please post a link in the comments. I’ll be sure to connect with you! 🙂

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

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