Let us pray together!

May we all be protected from this monster called corona virus!

Wherever you are, I say a short prayer for you.

I pray you to join me to pray for you, for me and for others.

While we pray, let us remember those who have lost their lives already from this killer disease, that their souls may rest in peace.

Let us pray for those who are sick right now and sure to die, that they may be strong in the face of such a trying moment.

Let us pray for health personnel and caretakers, that they may be safe as they help others to stay alive.

Let us pray for a fast solution to this problem.

Let us pray that we who are reading this may be safe and help others to be safe.

God bless you!

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Hello Sweet Bloggers!

How nice to be here at BLOGGERS MEETUP! It is my pleasure to be where I’ll meet with lots of loving bloggers. You are welcome to visit my blog here.


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