Miss you


I lost a classmate today. I am at a loss of words as I am still in denial. I cannot believe someone so young, cheerful and full of energy could pass away at the age of 16. Please take care.

I wrote a poem for her, I would appreciate if you could take a moment to read it.


Thank you.




New poem!

Hi everyone,

I am Nikita from nikita206.wordpress.com

I published a poem ‘Darkness’ which reflects the constant conflicts and doubts that one faces themselves with. Please give it a read. Thanks 🙂

The Artistics- It’s here!

Hello everyone!

Since I am new on this site, and this is my first post for the same, I’ll give ya a little introduction!

I’m Nikita from Bibliophile. I am currently 12. I love basically everything especially writing poems and short stories.

This is a real quick post but I wanted to inform you guys something!

The Artistics is here! It is an online magazine started by some of the bloggers and I, we hope you like it! It will include:

  • Creative Writing
  • Photography
  • Food (OF COURSE)
  • Music

Feel free to ask any questions, of course! 😀

-Nikita 🙂