New You with New Look…

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Check out my new blog for this year on Health and Wellness on Illumined Blog.

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Health is an essential part of our life. When we have good health, we look and feel great always. However, there is always a pause when we think of feeling great. We often ask questions such as “will I ever loose that weight?” How am I going to make my body look and feel fit? Should I go to gym next month? All these questions and phrases arise in our mind, and we omit starting a healthy life because of constant over thinking.

New You with New Look…

Everything Happens for a reason…

New blog from “Illumined Hub.”

Have you ever wondered why things don’t happen the way you anticipate? Do you get dejected because of that? Well my friends, I have often heard from many saying that, “Everything happens for a reason.” However, our mind will not allow us to come to terms with that statement. If you truly believe that everything we desire must happen, then we are in the perfect world.

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Pet is always part of the Family.

I have blogged about pets and how they are important to be part of the family. I have linked my personal blogging page.

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I never grew up having dogs but ever since Jinks (a.k.a Jinkeshwar/ Kala Bairava) came into our life, both our lives became fulfilled. As mentioned in my previous blog, he was given to us through one of my co-worker, after her father passed away. It has been two years since he came into our lives. We have always treated him as part of our family.…/05/pet-is-always-part-of-the-family

Things to consider when searching for the right Employment.

Here is another excerpt from my blogging site on things to consider, when you are searching for the right employment.

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Landing that perfect job is very important. However, it can be nerve racking to prepare for it. It does not matter how good of a grade you got on your exams or how well you did on your final project at University. What matters is, if you can sell yourself to the employers during the interview process. They should choose you amongst other candidates for the Company you are interviewing for.

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Peace begings within you.

I have writted on the topic, “Peace begings within you.” feel free to share your comments and feed back. It is an Inspirational topic. I have shared the link to the blogging site.
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Imagine a place where you stand still and absorb the energy of the serene environment. When we close our eyes, and become one with that absolute moment of truth, you would feel the happiness surrounding your entire being. That quietness to mind, body and soul will give peaceful and healing energies to the world at large. One will be able to listen to the heart’s desire when the mind is quiet and is praying for welfare of all species.