Be Careful How You Live

“Be careful how you live, you’ll be the only Bible some will ever read.” Visit Purposive Writer to read the full post. A blessed Monday!

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Be Slow to Argue

No one wants argument. Yet it is inevitable. The best way to avoid it is to learn the ways how to avoid it. Read the full post in Purposive Writer. A blessed Sunday!

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Beyond Borders

Most often we thought borders are laid before us, we fail to realize it also lie within us. Read the full post at Purposive Writer. Have a great Saturday!

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Show Your Best Despite

Good day!  A new post is up on my blog. I share something about jealousy, envy and how to understand these situations. Hope you have time to take a peek. Thank you. Here’s the link: Show Your Best Despite

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Big Thank You!

Hello everyone!
I am new here and it’s my first time to post something. I just would like to say a big thank you to Amanda and Eric for this warm community. I am so grateful for being given a space and be present with all of you.
My name is Nezel and I am the author behind Purposive Writer.
May you take time to visit there. This blog is about inward journeys: self-development, spiritual development, discovering our purpose and healing too. Aside from my regular posts I share some quotes, photography and poems.
Hope to see you at my site.
Thank you and Happy Thursday!